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Versi Recruitment

We are committed to providing high-quality recruitment solutions to meet specific needs. We specialize in connecting candidates and businesses within the sectors of hospitality, logistics, construction, technical and more.


Hands-on Approach

Our personal and close approach ensures each project gets the attention it deserves. Every client and candidate is treated uniquely, with care and respect. We understand that people matter, and we reflect that in our work.


Cultural Sensitivity

We focus on cultural sensitivity and guiding clients in navigating differences when working with foreign workers.

Diversity and Inclusion

We promote diversity and inclusivity through diverse candidate sourcing, bias-free recruitment, and inclusive client culture.

Focusing on Candidate Experience

We prioritize prompt feedback and responsive communication, ensuring a positive hiring process for all candidates.

Targeted Sourcing Strategies

We develop tailored sourcing strategies to meet client’s specific hiring needs, focusing on industries, skills, and profile.